Friday, 22 April 2011

Here and There

Ok, so I have to admit I'm not the most consistent of bloggers, and over the last few weeks I've been very busy whilst also trying to enjoy the short break I have from uni. I will also apologise in advance if I don't post regularly in the coming month, as it's that time of the year again, exam period. Ok so apologies over, back to the real post.

I thought I would just do a quick post about a couple of the things I have be getting up to lately. Firstly, I went to Pembrokeshire in the first week of April on a geology field trip. We had lovely weather in the second half of the week which was good for all the walking along the coast we did visiting interesting rock outcrops everyday. But the best thing about the week was getting to spend it with some really great friends.

Our dinosaur mascots

It was a bit cold


Kat and me

Then last weekend I went to Brodsworth Hall and Gardens for the day with my family. It was a lovely day, with the sun shinning. we had a lovely luch of chicken curry, made from a Mrs Beeton recipe, and then went and looked round the house which was very interesting. I think my favourite room in the house was a junk room which had lots of interesting odds and ends (including things such as wooden skies, a gas mask and old light bulbs, to a wooden sledge, old christmas wrapping paper and a pair of vintage ice skates) from all of the house's past eras.

The family

The beautiful blossom trees

Hope you've all been having just as good a time lately as me and have been enjoying the lovely sun shine (if you've had it).

Until next time,
Annabelle xoxo

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