Monday, 19 January 2015

Interiors Envy

The 1930s Modernist - the height of Art Deco

For a few years now it has been fixed in my mind that when I own a house of my own it will be filled with vintage furniture and home wares. But until the time comes that I can create an entirely vintage home I will have to make do with wish lists, mood boards and buying the odd item for use at a later date.

Today I am focusing on living room inspiration, much of which I must admit comes from the T.V. series Poirot. The colour scheme I have chosen is pale yellow, duck-egg blue and pale pink. This is based on a 1930s rug and art deco mantle clock I purchased a couple of years ago.

Subsequently I have also purchased an art deco inspired table lamp and some velvet cushions to tie in with the colour scheme.

The rest of my inspiration for my art deco living room can be found on one of my Pinterest boards.

If you too are looking for vintage interiors inspiration I would recommend this book I found very interesting.

It is aimed more for those wishing to achieve a vintage inspired home rather than a specific period correct home, but it does contain some lovely images and helpful tips.
I hope that you found this interesting and inspiring in some way. I certainly feel invigorated to create more interiors mood boards for every other room of my future home.

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