Sunday, 22 May 2011

What you do when trying to avoid revision

Ok so I have an exam on Monday and Wednesday, but as I hate revision with a passion I seem to find myself pocrastonating instead, by searching on etsy and other wedsites for my perfect summer outfit or watching episodes of Foyle's War and Time Warp Wives for inspiration.

My land girl inspired outfit
I already own the overalls all I need now is a new blouse to go with them.

Source and Link

I have also come up with a plan for my summer for where I want to volunteer, what vintage events I want to visit, what I want to make and finally starting an etsy store.

And that is why I can't wait unitl the end of this week, because I get to finally go home and see all my family and friends and it will officially mark the end of my second year at university.

Unitl next time,
Annabelle xoxo


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my jumper! Miss Katie xx

  2. I used to be the same, I could always find anything to do rather than study:) But there is no better way to spend (or waste) time than outfit planning!
    Good Luck with the exams and the Land Girl outfit:)