Friday, 29 July 2011

Holiday - Part 1

So I'm back and I've got quite a bit to tell you about.

I went away with my family and we stayed in a converted barn in the village of Marlborough, just a couple of miles from Salcombe in Devon; and it was only a 15 minute walk from the beach at Soarmill Cove.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty rubbish for most of the week we were away, so I only got to enjoy the beach on the last day when the sun finally came out. So the rest of the week was spent visiting national trust properties and other places of interest.

On Sunday we headed into the town of Dartmouth, which is a lovely village set on the river Dart. We then took a passanger ferry down the river to Greenways, the holiday home of Agatha Christie.


Greenways from the river

 Christie bought the house in 1938 for the sum of £6,000, a bargin even in those days.

The house has quite a traditional feeling interior but mixed with some early 20th Century funiture, making the house feel very welcoming and lived in. We also had a look round the walled garden, but unfortunately didn't have time to look round the rest of the garden as we had to catch our ferry back.

But before we left we did have time to pop into the shop. In there they had a large range of Agatha Christie's books, including some special facsimilie editions (reproductions of the first editions). As these boks were not cheap I decided only to but one, and this is it:

First published by Collins in 1934

Monday, we walked over to Overbecks, an Edwardian house with a lovely garden with a tropical influence. The house itself isn't anything special, unless you count the large taxidermy collection, it's really the garden that most people go to look at.

My mum in the garden at Overbecks

My favourite part og the garden

The view from Overbecks

Aften lunch we then headed into Salcombe, where me and my mum ended up parting with quite a lot of our money. I myself bought a cream cardigan and a pair of boat/deck shoes in the sales.

Bought from Seasalt

Bought from Joules

Until next time,


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