Saturday, 18 May 2013

A long time coming

Hello readers, I have finally finished university, and hopefully for the near future I will now have time to write and events to got to for me to keep this little blog ticking over. So without further ado....

After 4 years I have officially finished university (now I actually finished 2 weeks ago, but have been saving the news for this post), I don't actually graduate unitl July but I'm celebrating now anaway. To wrap up my time in Stoke I decided to take a trip to Pitch in for Victory today, a jamboree orgainised to raise money for a Women's Land Army Tribute. I also thought it was important for me to attend and show my support seeing as I wrote my dissertation on the subject of Staffordshire Land Girls.

I had a great time looking round all the stalls and listening to the childrens choir providing songs from the era, and I might even have picked up a few goodies whist I was there.

1950s dress, which thankfully fits perfectly
 considering I didn't try it on

Art deco scarf, which I was allowed to pick free
when purchasing the dress

1940s cotton bag with plastic handles

Women's Nymph razor

1950s glasses

Stitchcraft magazine

WLA memorabilia coaster
As my luck would have it there also happened to be an antiques and collectors fair on at the same time at another part of the Staffordshire Showground, so whist I was there I thought I may aswell take a look around that too. My bargain of the day was this gorgeous red bakelite necklace, which I intend to wear for my graduation (I will do a post on my graduation outfit and the day itself in July) as I decided red accessories were needed.
All in all I had an enjoyable day, and hopefully Pitch in for Victory (and Dance to Victory, the evening event) will have raised a considerable amount to put towards the Women's Land Army Memorial. About which more in formation can be found here.
Until next time,


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    1. Thank you :) now I just need the nice weather to return so I can wear it.

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    I have been following your blog for some months now and I love it :)
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